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How it works

(For example, if the user wants to fly from a destination abroad to Israel)

01. Entrance screen

02. Registration screen

The user is asked to enter all relevant personal Information, and to insert :

• Passport Scan
• ID scan
• Updated selfie photograph

03. Selecting the type of the required pass. Can choose from

• International flights
• Local flights
• Public transportation 
• Stadiums and halls
• Work places
• Venues that require health pass



04. In case the user chooses to get a pass for an international flight:

Need to fill in all relevant flight details and country of destination.  (in this case – Israel.)

05. The official requirements set by the country of destination (in this case Israel), in order to enter without the need for isolation.

(Theoretical example:)
Feeling up an health questionnaire.

  • Two PCR tests , through approved laboratories. The first test to be performed between 8 to 6 days before the flight, and the second between 3 to 1 days before the flight
  • Temperature measurement in the airport.

Our system will direct the user to the relevant laboratories to perform the tests. There will also be an option for PREMIUM service.
Immediately after performing the tests, the results that negate the disease will be sent directly from the lab to our platform. (The positive results will only be sent to user.)

6. Obtaining the Pass

After getting all the requirements and test results , and if all conditions are fulfilled, MYPASS pass will issue a pass, and send it to the user. Notice of it will be sent to both the airline and the country of destination.

(The actual payment  for the flight ticket will be collected by the airline only after the passenger gets the health pass).

The pass will be valid only for a limited period of time (as per the requirement of each country).

07. Validation

When the user arrives at the airport, the pass  will be verified .


Validation of the pass will be an essential part of the check-in process.

The same process will be performed on its way to the next destination