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The solution

Each country or relevant authority will publish its entry requirements: what tests are required to enter specific places (The requirements will be dynamic and may vary depending on the diagnostic tools and other variants. )

MYPASS will set up a supervision system that will direct the users to perform the tests (or vaccination, when it will be available) , verify it, and issue an entry pass. There will be validation at the entry gate.

Our platform will give governments and policymakers around the world a new and powerful tool to combat the spread of epidemics.


Mypass app is designed to protect the privacy of its users (PRIVACY BY DESIGN ) .

On the hardware side, we have developed an electronic component that can be connected to any lab where the test will be performed. This  device turns digital test results into digital information, and send them to our platform, using a secure and encrypted method.

Our system can operate in places where there is no internet connection, using the LORAWAN protocol.